Heating Oil

Always here when you need us. Being comfortable is about much more than price. It’s about trusting your fuel delivery company to take care of you. We only sell the highest quality #2 Heating Oil. When you order an oil delivery from Discount Oil, you’re not just getting fuel at the best price. You’re getting a dedicated team you can always count on for responsive service whenever you need it.


  • Competitive Prices
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Budget Payment Plans
  • No Contracts Required!
  • Catholic Charities / Joe 4 Oil Provider

Budget Plan

When winter arrives, there are certain things you can count on…shorter days, colder temperatures, and eating too much on the holidays. But if you've gotten used to winter bringing extra large energy bills to your door, we have the perfect solution.Introducing Discount Oil's Budget Plan, the ultimate in convenience. The Budget Plan takes your annual fuel cost and spreads throughout the year.That means no surprising bills – you'll always know the amount of your energy costs in advance.Our comfort specialists determine the monthly amount by examining your fuel usage records of previous years.Our Budget Plan means peace of mind; instead of getting hit with big winter bills, you always have a steady and predictable payment.