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heating oil

It’s easy to sell at a lower price, but not everybody can provide top service, and at Discount Oil, we deliver just that. We only sell the highest quality #2 heating oil at competitive prices. We are the dedicated team you can always count on for responsive service whenever you need it. Being comfortable is about much more than price, it’s about trusting your fuel delivery company. We are your neighbors, and we treat you with the respect you deserve.

Services We Offer:

Budget Plan

Open enrollment for our budget program starts on March 1st and closes on May 31st of every year. Signing up is easy, simply print the budget form provided on our website here, fill it out and mail it back to the P.O Box listed on the form. If you do not have a printer just call our office and request that a form be mailed to you. Once we receive your signed budget form one of our experienced staff members will contact you to set up your new budget account.

Automatic Delivery Program

Sign up for our automatic program today! All automatic delivery customers will receive our cash price on all orders regardless of payment method. Simply print out the application provided on our website and mail to the address listed on the form. Once received someone at our office will contact you for the initial setup. Payment can be made in one of two ways, either by mailing in a check/money order within 10 days of receiving your oil or keep a credit/debit card on file with us and we’ll simply charge your card after the delivery has been made. As with all of our services we never require a contract you can cancel this service at any time as long as your account is up to date.

Public Assistance Programs

We partner with several public assistance programs, including Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Hudson State Center, the Delaware State Center and the Friendship House. For more information on whether you qualify for LIHEAP, please click on the document below.

Commercial Deliveries

We help contractors maximize productivity and stay on schedule with expert job site fueling services. We develop a custom fueling plan for each job site, then we deliver and fill on schedule so that workers aren’t left waiting.

For more information about our services, including our off-road diesel deliveries, please contact us at 302-737-6560. We look forward to serving you!